Fabrication & Welding

Valley Machine Co. offers high quality fabrication services to support your needs. Our mix of equipment provides us with the ability to manufacture medium to high volume production runs as well as single unit prototypes.

LASER                            Laser Cutting

Our Laser Cutting Centers allow Valley Machine Co. to provide an added dimension to the traditional job shop material processing capability. This capability allows us in many instances to eliminate additional machining requirements that normally would be required—reducing both cost and lead time for our customers. Each laser is equipped with a 48”x96” table and the ability to cut up to ½” plate.


Our welders are certified to AWS and ASME codes, including GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, SMAW welding processes. Valley Machine Co.’s capabilities include MIG, TIG, Flux Core and Stick welding.

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Valley Machine Co. can provide you with fabrications ranging from smaller than 6” square to weldments up to 288” long by 84” wide by 40” high weighing up to 9,000 pounds.

  • Two dedicated fabrication/welding areas containing seven welding stations
  • Press Brake capacity of up to 500 tons with a 240” long
  • Laser Cutting centers and extensive machining capabilities

Fabrication Dimensional Capabilities

Material Thickness
Dimensional Capacity Alum Stainless Steel Steel Dimensional Tolerance
Laser 48″ X 96″ Table N/A Up to 1/4″ Thick Up to 1/2″ Thick 20 GA +/- .001
1/2″ +/- .005
Punch 60″ Long X 40″ Wide Up to 3/4″ Thick Up to 3/8″ Thick Up to 1″ Thick Location +/- .010
Hole Size +/- .005 to +/- .025*
Form/Bend Up to 240″ long Up to 1″ Thick 3/8″ Thick X 120″ Long
1/2″ Thick X 72″ Long
3/8″ Thick X 120″ Long
3/4″ Thick X 36″ Long
.015 to .090 Depending on plate thickness

* Depends on plate thickness

See detailed machine listing for additional information.

Visit the photo gallery for examples of our machining capabilities.